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System or work within Oral surgery department

The department receives patients referred from the outpatient clinic or any other department, and who need any surgical intervention as simple tooth extraction or any other oral surgery as removal of impacted teeth, cystectomy and apicectomy, taking oral biopsies for suspected tumors and their analysis by histopathology and removal of benign jaw tumors.

When entering the departmentm the nurse  receive the patient and its file and ticket and register the patient data in the record of department. The oral surgeon examine the patient and make sure he is not suffering from any organic diseases.

However, if the patient is suffering from any organic disease and chronic (such as Diabetes - High Blood Pressure - Heart Disease - Hepatitis)  he must be sure that he's under the treatment and following-up with his physician. Also the nurse of the department could measure the blood sugar and blood pressure for him by a nurse as the department contains the necessary equipment to do so.

When there is a health problem interfering with surgical procedure, the patient is asked to consult his own physician  and do the necessary analysis and return a full report on his condition and the type of treatment and the possibility of surgery to him or not. For a pregnant woman, the most appropriate period for extractions and anesthesia is taken from the fourth to the sixth month.

After doing the necessary surgery, the doctor gives the necessary instructions to the patient and also describe the necessary treatment to avoid any complications after surgery and records all these data in patient's record sheet.
Patients are advised to have a follow-up visits as directed by the doctor.