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Dental Health Care

1.     Oral Surgery Department: performing oral & maxillofacial surgeries (wisdom teeth removal, cystectomy and apicectomy, TMJ disorder and facial trauma) under local or general anaesthesis


2.     Implantology Department:  performing implant surgeries. Dental implants are natural looking replacement for missing teeth providing same function as natural tooth root, also they are used to anchor other types of restorations for greater success and patient satisfaction


3.     Periodontal and Oral Medicine Department: - Delivering meticulous diagnosis, treatment of oral lesions and comprehensive management of all aspects of periodontal care , from the routine to the more complex, to ensure a healthy oral environment before any other intervention is carried out.
- Performing all periodontal surgeries as (plastic & esthetic surgeries, bone grafting and tissue regeneration surgeries).


4.     Conservative Treatment Department: concerned with conservation of teeth in the mouth by different operative and root canal treatments using various kinds of direct and indirect restorations( amalgam, composite for anterior & posterior teeth, porcelain crowns and bridges).


5.     Removable Prosthodontics Department: replacing missing teeth with a removable prosthesis (partial or complete dentures).


6.     Pedodontics Department:  providing the immediate dental needs for children through Treatment of carious lesions and restoration of primary teeth by durable biocompatible material - Pulp therapies for vital and non vital primary teeth and their restoration with stainless steel crowns for their protection - Space maintainers in cases of early loss of primary teeth - Cosmetic restorative procedures for young permanent anterior teeth -Management of traumatic teeth and supportive tissues - Management of developing occlusion and bad oral habits through preventive or interceptive orthodontics.


7.     Orthodontics Department: dealing with and offering comprehensive management and definitive treatment to all cases of malocclusion for reestablishment of normal jaw function and good facial esthetics.

8.     Preventive Dentistry Department: provides good oral health in children and adults through Plaque control program, Professional topical Fluoride applications, Pits and Fissures sealants and Dietary Guidance.

9.     Radiology Department: - Intraoral (periapical, occlusal, digital) and  Extraoral (panoramic, cephalometric).

10.    Pathology Department: provides accurate diagnosis of oral biopsies by using digital microscope.