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Path of Exile: Zana Mod Idea Options
Posted: Friday, May 11, 2018 1:30:37 AM
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Just an idea for a new Zana mod to help leveling other masters: -Map contains a random Master. It has to be a pretty cheap mod to be relevant It would be even better if the random master in the map would give additional xp just like the prophecy. In addition, when you are in need of cheap PoE Currency trade, U4GM is a trustful and safe site that is always ready for you and willing to help to make sure you get the best deal possible.

"Map contains a random lab trial. This trial doesn't drop an offering to the goddess". That way, it can be added in an affordable way. Else, it would destroy the offering economy or the initial price would have to be very high (5+c). And for more on Path of Exile Currency/Items and other orbs, go to U4GM.

I've always stood by the idea that putting an offering in should spawn one at random, like Sacrifice fragments do. Make it still drop an offering at the end, so once you get one you can get all 6.

That way, you still have to find one in maps (or buy one) first. Then, once you have one, as long as you can do trials with < 6 deaths consistently you'll eventually get all 6, you'll just have to do some repeats first. Lets it be random still, require some moderately sustainable build, and lets people buy them if they're willing to dump 20+ offering into quickly finding the last one they need.

▶ If you constantly run more than 4 different high level maps you just socket and ran normaly.
▶ Otherwise you stay in hideout and open disposable maps(without entering), when proph disappears it means it proced and then you go in map. You get bonus exp from proph, so t14 master is 25k.
▶ There is also gracious master prophecy, its doesn't spawn master, but you can use it on master that already spawned, after completion but before talking to master is optimal time to use it. With it t16 master is 40k. People sell it in large quantities, but there is high demand for it in bulk, so it gets bought very fast.
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