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A 6L May Always Be One of The Last Items In PoE Options
Posted: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 3:45:11 AM
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How much are 6L chests worth? If you doubt you have the orbs to trade for one, would just like a target to aim for as you got all the gems for your build already. Just lack the items to link them all together.

Here's a little glossary to help you out:
▶ 6L - 6 Link. An item that has 6 sockets all linked together
▶ 5L - 5 link. An item with 5 or 6 sockets, where 5 sockets are linked together
▶ Unique - Orange color items that have a rarer drop chance. Their value depends on what item it is. There are many of them, some rarer than others or tied to specific content or places where they can drop.
▶ Tabula Rasa - A unique item that has no stats or modifiers, but has 6 links with white sockets, meaning you can slot any gems and support gems into them. This chest-piece is often used when leveling new characters, because white sockets can take all color of skill gems and is always 6 linked.
▶ Chaos/C - Chaos Orb PoE . One of the currencies you can use to alter items. Also heavily used as currency to price items and trade items with other players.
▶ Exalted/Ex - PoE Exalted Orb. Also a currency to alter items, but much more valuable (and a much rarer drop!) than a chaos orb.
▶ Corrupted property - An item that has the red flavor text "corrupted" had a Vaal Orb used on it. Using a Vaal Orb on an item allows the items to obtain new stats/modifiers that are not occuring normally. Once an item is corrupted, you can no longer change the modifiers, links or socket colors on it with regular currency.
▶ Max res - Refers to maximum resistance. When monsters apply elemental (or chaos) damage to you, the damage you take is reduced depending on how many resistance you have (using a formula, it's not a flat-out reduction). A monster that deals lighting damage gets checked against your lighting resistance.

Common items have no modifiers and can be used to craft desired modifiers unto them using the different orbs. Common items have no modifiers, magic items have up to 2 modifiers, and rare items have up to 6 modifiers. Currencies (orbs) can be used to upgrade the rarity of items, reroll the stats/modifiers or even purge all modifiers.
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