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Path of Exile: Easy Way To Find Vaal Arenas Options
Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 1:35:04 AM
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If you need a few atziri map fragment and is there any easy way to farm it? Using any fragments for atziri in map hideout opens up a portal to a vaal zone. Teleporting to The Tunel in act 9 and sometimes you can See vaal Arena from waypoint. So you get more PoE Currency cheap faster.

Also SSF, my methods :
1) Uber Lab drops plenty of fragments from chests.
2) Act 6 - The Tidal Island. Decent spawn rate of vaal side areas, small circle type layout, Deep Ones Presence mobs to catch for prophecy craft.
3) Vaaled Maps, the bosses have a chance to drop a vaal fragment or vaal gem.
4) Hidden Vaal Pathways prophecy, from all the prophecies you are going through because of no2 above.

There are maps that can't spawn at all, and other that will have more. Thinking about it now, best one is the second map after you leave lioneye, forgot the name and cant check right now. Act 6, go to the coast waypoint and enter. Follow the ocean on the left all the way down, then go back up and enter again. It can only spawn at that area, you can check it really fast, but you might get more skill gems than vaal pieces.

If you can do uberlab that is definitely a really good way to get some. Before this league I had only ever seen a few midnight fragments drop. In lab it is very common to get 3-4 midnights (+others) from a single chest. To fix this, you can grab some Chaos Orbs PoE from U4GM.com
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