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Path of Exile: Essence Drain + Decay + Chain Options
Posted: Friday, April 13, 2018 10:28:40 PM
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I'm thinking of building a cheap Deadeye with extra projectiles, some pierce, and chain support to take advantage of applying the ED damage over time and Decay to a large number of targets without being dependent on casting Contagion or needing AOE nodes / stat rolls. I know Decay isn't transferred with Contagion, so this is an experimental anti-contagion build that uses insane DoT scaling to safely clear content off-screen.

That's just what ED+Contagion does. You walk to a pack, put Contagion on them, shoot one mob with the projectile (or several if you have Pierce), then watch the pack melt as the guy you hit with the projectile dies and spreads the Contagion to the whole pack.

You're also forgetting about single target, the Chain gem significantly reduces your raw damage of the initial hit. It's just not worth it. Just go Contagion + ED, get lots of AoE/cast speed and you'll clear very quickly once you've got some decent gear and leveled gems.

Trickster + MoM or Trickster double/triple curse is popular because you get tons of regen and power/frenzy charges. For added single target damage use a Wither totem. And for more on PoE buy Currency, PoE buy items and other orbs, go to U4GM.com..

Fingerless shaped gloves + essence of delirium, socketed gems are supported by slower proj and faster casting, increased proj dmg, increased cast speed (this would be your multi-target). Then your single target would be in a chest with +1 gems shaped/elder and +1 corruption with empower 4.
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